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Written By Cate

Catarina Correia.

Catarina Correia.

Written By Cate


Dear 25-years-old me #1

Catarina Correia

Dear 25-year-old me;

I hope you're doing well and, honestly, I hope you're not that disapointed with life. I know that, maybe, more than a half of your dreams and expectations have been destroyed by time and choices, however I want you to know that you'll always be a BIG GIRL, no matter what. I hope...

Bitch please...

We won't turn this letter into a bullshit letter, let's do this the right way! I'm writing to you because I want to know how you are and how's your life (even though I know).

Also, I'm writing to you because I want to remind you of some stuff... You know what I mean, our stuff... I want to remind you of every single thing we've been through, every single struggle we face, every tear we shed together, and every effort we've been making every single day to reach our goals, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. I'm reminding you of all this stuff because, at 25, or any year coming, I want you to be able to look back and see exactly how far we've gone, and give ourselves the credits we damn well deserve.

Knowing us as I know, I'm pretty sure that you have changed a lot, and I really hope you're not as lazy as you were used to be! Change is inevitable and change is good, you know that! Back then, seven years ago we were so impulsive, irrational and lost, we were so different. We were so indecisive (we still indecisive, I think). We were always trying to find who we wanted to be, We made every kind of mistakes, we were cruel to ourselves, you know that, but there's a wonderful thing about those mistakes, those fucking scars, and about all that damn times we had to be our own heros and pick ourselves up, and the wonderfull thing is that, all those stuff, have given birth to this new me, and to this new you too.

I'm sure that, today you're aware of your values and where you want to get to, but we're stiil far from where we want to get to, and we won't give up, it won't be easy but I'll make sure we try our very best to reach our goals. Also, we both know we can't have everything, and you know that we won't have all these things we want, but we can't stop the fight for them. Sometimes we just can't have everything we want because people say we can't, but they can't be sure about that, it's our life, we decide, and if we think we can, then let's fight for it, let's not give them what they want, let's prove they're wrong, let's do our own choices.

25-year-old me, no matter how much we've changed, and how much we've grown, I need you, and you really have to promise me that you'll never live life ordinarily, you'll never give up. Promise me that you'll never forget the real YOU, that you'll never forget how beautiful and intelligent you are, promise me that you will never let anyone or anything destroy you, promise me that you'll never be sorry for who you are, promise me you'll be strong, please, promise me!

I know that there will be obstacles, I know that it won't be easy, I know that there will be days your mind will just block and take you to the darkest places, I know that you will probably get tired sometimes, and you'll think you should give up, but you have to remember that I'll always be there, I've ever been there! I know it's hard to move on when things are not as you wanted them to be, but I'm still standing, I'm standing for you, I'm standing for me, I'm standing for us. You can do everything! I trust you like I trust me, I forgive you like I forgive myself, we're only human, we have no rules to live this life, but you have my permission to fuck up sometimes, to get tired and want to run away, to do what you want with our life, as long as your heart leads you to.

We're so young right now, we have so many things to do, so many things to try, so many places to visit, we have a bunch of feelings to feel - and to fuck up with too- we have a whole life girl,don't take it way too serious, have fun, smile, love, try, do everything you have to do, I want you to be the happiest girl in the whole world, I want you to love everyone, even the haters, I want you to be loved, I want you to be you, never forget this.

Hell yeah, I know what you're thinking... You're thinking that I was too young when I wrote all these stuff, I mean, I was only 18, but I was you, I am you, and I was always thinking about our future, always wondering, always asking, always thinking, and, ya know, I'm the best one when writting! But, honestly, now that this letter is almost done I'm seriously thinking how did I write this fucking letter!? Well, but that doesn't matter as soon as you're reading this bullshit.

Time's passing by, and I hope you're reading this letter somewhere in London as you always wished, I hope you're living your dreams, I hope you're where you want, I hope you never forget our stuff. And I hope you're thinking you should write another fucking letter to your future 33-year-old-self...

Much Love,

Your 18-year-old-self,


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